She has struck again.  Poor thing.

Fox actually posted a fairly good article today titled ‘Show Me the Economist Who Says We Are in a Crisis Because of a Birth Control Shortage.’

Very rarely will I say this in response to anything biased affiliated with Fox News, but Amen.

I can understand the concept of  ‘fewer mouths = less food.’  However, I am somewhat confused on the prioritization shown by Madam Speaker.  Of all the things to spend taxpayer money on in this crucial time, let’s federally fund some condoms; perhaps Pelosi sat down with Mobile Mayor Sam Jones while he was in Washington for the inauguration and he mentioned our lovely moonpie.  Okay, I admit, that was harsh.  But really.

Newsflash: condoms (inexpensive, if not free) are readily available to anyone who is concerned about birth control.  Oral contraceptives, including Plan B (or the Morning-After pill) are so easy to obtain it’s embarrassing.  The problem is not the lack of options, it’s people who just don’t care.

We all need to pray that nothing happens to the line of succession ahead of Ms. Pelosi. I will continue to post my commentary on things political.

and Matt – if you agree with Pelosi, I’m gonna punch you.  You are my favorite economist, yes, but I will still punch you.

Good night.

*edit: here is the address to the article referenced here: